Archives: March 2015

Active Participation In Your HOA

Active Participation In Your HOA The increase in condo living in the Jersey City area and around the country is nothing short of phenomenal. Naturally, the increase in condo living has increased another entity, the Homeowners Association (HOA). Finding a condo with a good HOA is just about as important as finding the right condo […]

Define “Condo”…

Most people know that a condominium is a unit in a multi-unit complex, and that people can purchase a condo much as they would a house. Some people think of it as “owning” an apartment. There are many of these complexes throughout the country. They are particularly popular in and near large metropolitan areas, like […]

3/14/15 The Pi Day of the Century

This year, PI-E Day falls on a Saturday, so it’s sure to be a huge celebration here in the Jersey City area. Pi Day is celebrated in various places, but in New Jersey, it is called “PI-E Day” because it was begun by two local women who incorporated the homophones of “pi” and “pie” for […]

How Not to Borrow

We’re coming to the end of a very difficult winter here in the Jersey City/Hoboken area. With all the snow, and the frigid temperatures, many projects simply had to be put on hold. It’s March now, though, so things will be thawing, thank goodness! Now we can go back to what we would have been […]