Archives: April 2015

Millennials Entering the Condo Market

Millennials Entering the Condo Market A large portion of the population in the condo sections of the Hoboken/Jersey City area is made up of the “millennials” or, if you prefer, Generation Y’ers. They reached adult at, or around, the turn of the century/millennium.   The millennials grew up in a period of explosively advancing technology. […]

Out Into the Fresh Spring Air

Out Into the Fresh Spring Air Spring is here! People are moving about and getting reacquainted after the long winter. Where will you go that is interesting and fun? Here are some items of interest for people in and around the Hoboken/Jersey City area.   If you like to do second-hand and/or antique shopping, you’ll […]

Transportation Transitions

Transportation Transitions Living in a condominium has many advantages over a single-dwelling residence. It also presents some challenges that are being met in the standard American fashion – innovation, creative adjustment, and free enterprise. For instance, if you live or would like to live in the Hoboken area, and you own a vehicle, you have […]

Finding the Money to Redecorate

Finding the Money to Redecorate Now that spring is here, and your whole being isn’t absorbed in keeping warm and preventing a slip on the ice, you may decide you want to do some redecorating in your Jersey City/Hoboken area condo. You know what you want to do, but, since you have impeccable taste, the […]

Tips on Selling a Condo

Tips on Selling a Condo Sure, you love your Hoboken/Jersey City Condo at the W. Hoboken Hotel. For any number of reasons, however, you need to sell it. Maybe you need a bigger or smaller place. Maybe you need to move to a different part of town. Whatever the reason, you want a quick, painless […]