Hosting Holiday Guests

Holiday GuestsHosting Holiday Guests

It’s your turn to host the family New Year’s Eve Party and you have to get your Jersey City/Hoboken area condo ready, not only for a party, but for a couple of guests from out of town. The problem is, with Christmas just over, the place isn’t nearly ready for either. Help!


Don’t push the panic button yet. There are some ways to accommodate your guests without doing a major overhaul of your home. It just takes a little time and some thought about the ages and interests of the people you are hosting.


If clutter is your problem, there are several solutions, even in the limited space of a condo. You may have items that are useful to you when you don’t have company, but you’d like to store them just for this occasion. You could get one or two of those flat, flexible plastic zipped containers. Those can be stuffed pretty full, zipped, and then stowed under a bed. Other spaces that may be used are any pieces of spare luggage or even the trunk of your car.


Your guests will be grateful if they don’t have to bother you for paper products or toiletries in their bathroom, so be sure to stock up and to put it where they can see it. You can use cute baskets and inexpensive plastic containers to make it seem like part of the decor. Most supermarkets have an aisle where you can purchase travel size products like shampoo, deodorants and other personal items your guests may have forgotten to pack.


If there are children involved, a small table can be converted to an activity table, and stocked with things like playing cards, paper, crayons, scissors, glue, etc. They can amuse themselves nicely with a few basics. An inexpensive stuffed toy propped on the pillows of their bed is a nice touch, too.


For adult guests, a few current magazines, books and such placed in an area where they will feel comfortable to peruse them can make them feel like they aren’t in the way while you run errands or prepare for the party. Young adults or teens may even prefer to watch a DVD or play a video game if you have the wherewithal.


One more touch that will keep your guests comfortable is the ability to fend for themselves during the night. A supply of bottled water readily available, or a glass and snack dish, possibly stocked with a few individualized snacks on the bedside stand is a welcome sight.


The rest is just the mechanics of cleaning and decorating for the party. You can get lots of tips for both of those online. You will be hailed as the host/hostess of the year!


How are you celebrating the entrance of 2016? Happy New Year!



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