Archives: July 2016

Our Team Is Heading for Rio!

Our Team Is Heading for Rio! On August 5, 2016, as the Olympic Torch makes its way into Rio de Janeiro, people here in the Hoboken/Jersey City area will be cheering for the American athletes,  especially the ones from New Jersey to “bring home the gold.” It’s the most exciting two weeks of the summer; […]

Are You Targeting the Right Buyer?

Are You Targeting the Right Buyer? When you get your Jersey City condo ready for sale, think about the type of buyer you want to target. Then, stage your unit to attract people in that group. There are three basic buying groups. From youngest to oldest, they are millennials, young families, and seniors. Of course, […]

Where Did These Top 5 Hudson Condos Get Their Names?

You might have noticed that some of the luxurious condos lining the Hudson have some very unique names. But they’re not just names—they’re history! Yes, many of the condos situated along the Hudson riverfront overlooking Manhattan actually enjoy historic names deeply-rooted in the rich cultures, traditions, and industrial development of the area. Whether or not […]