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Hiring an Association Manager

Hiring an Association Manager Sometimes, when you have been living in a condominium for a while, either in the Hoboken/Jersey City area, or elsewhere, you can get a sense for what is good about the management of the complex, and what could use some improvement. A lot of the Boards of Directors try to self-manage […]

Where Did These Top 5 Hudson Condos Get Their Names?

You might have noticed that some of the luxurious condos lining the Hudson have some very unique names. But they’re not just names—they’re history! Yes, many of the condos situated along the Hudson riverfront overlooking Manhattan actually enjoy historic names deeply-rooted in the rich cultures, traditions, and industrial development of the area. Whether or not […]

The Top 5 Most Unique Condo Amenities

If unique is what you seek, look no farther than these breathtaking luxury condos along the Hudson waterfront. Stunning Manhattan views, gorgeous condo features, and NYC access with an affordable pricetag aren’t all these Northern New Jersey condos have to offer; each has its own unique amenity that makes it stand out from the crowd. […]

What are Buyers Seeking in a Condo?

What are Buyers Seeking in a Condo? When you put your Hoboken/Jersey City area condo on the market, what should you do to attract the top-dollar buyer? The short answer to that is to follow the advice of your real estate agent. However, there’s an advantage in looking into the matter and understanding the whys […]

HOA Vigilance on Upkeep

HOA Vigilance on Upkeep Since you have a luxury condo in the Hoboken/Jersey City area of New Jersey, you don’t have the headaches of single occupancy home owners concerning upkeep and renovation. The Homeowners Association takes care of that. However, if you are on the HOA Board, it is a concern. Even as a resident, […]