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It’s Spring! Where Shall We Go?

It’s here! Spring has come, even if the weather here in the Hoboken/Jersey City area doesn’t yet indicate it. That means good weather can’t be too far off. People will emerge from their cozy abodes, take a few deep breaths, and look around for somewhere to go. With spring comes the urge to clean things […]

Are You Targeting the Right Buyer?

Are You Targeting the Right Buyer? When you get your Jersey City condo ready for sale, think about the type of buyer you want to target. Then, stage your unit to attract people in that group. There are three basic buying groups. From youngest to oldest, they are millennials, young families, and seniors. Of course, […]

Where Did These Top 5 Hudson Condos Get Their Names?

You might have noticed that some of the luxurious condos lining the Hudson have some very unique names. But they’re not just names—they’re history! Yes, many of the condos situated along the Hudson riverfront overlooking Manhattan actually enjoy historic names deeply-rooted in the rich cultures, traditions, and industrial development of the area. Whether or not […]

The Top 5 Most Unique Condo Amenities

If unique is what you seek, look no farther than these breathtaking luxury condos along the Hudson waterfront. Stunning Manhattan views, gorgeous condo features, and NYC access with an affordable pricetag aren’t all these Northern New Jersey condos have to offer; each has its own unique amenity that makes it stand out from the crowd. […]

Breathe Free! It’s Spring!

Breathe Free! It’s Spring! Spring has sprung! Crocuses and daffodils are pushing up through the thawing soil and you no longer have to brace yourself to go outside in the cold. That’s a wonderful thing in the Jersey City/Hoboken area where even “mild” winters can be pretty brutal. Now that we can go out, where […]

Helpful New Mortgage Documents

Helpful New Mortgage Documents First time home buyers are often sent into a state of shock when they begin to see the number of different costs that accrue in the “simple” act of buying a home, whether it be a single residence or a luxury condo in the Jersey City/Hoboken area. In some areas, it […]

Hosting Holiday Guests

Hosting Holiday Guests It’s your turn to host the family New Year’s Eve Party and you have to get your Jersey City/Hoboken area condo ready, not only for a party, but for a couple of guests from out of town. The problem is, with Christmas just over, the place isn’t nearly ready for either. Help! […]