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It’s School Lunch Time!

It’s School Lunch Time! It’s back to school time in the Hoboken Jersey City area, and all the kids have it together, right? Their backpacks are filled with everything on the school’s list of supplies (plus a few extras that they just had to have). Some of them will be buying the school lunches. However, […]

Rebuilding the Bayonne Bridge

Rebuilding the Bayonne Bridge This is a fascinating time to live in New Jersey, be it in Hoboken, or Jersey City, or any of the other towns. If you have occasion to travel on the Bayonne Bridge, you no doubt have seen that they are working on it. The work is an ambitious undertaking to […]

Breathe Free! It’s Spring!

Breathe Free! It’s Spring! Spring has sprung! Crocuses and daffodils are pushing up through the thawing soil and you no longer have to brace yourself to go outside in the cold. That’s a wonderful thing in the Jersey City/Hoboken area where even “mild” winters can be pretty brutal. Now that we can go out, where […]

The Kid From Hoboken

The Kid From Hoboken With all the bad weather we are enjoying here in the Hoboken/Jersey City area, people need things to do that won’t take them out into the elements. It looks like the ever-popular plan to stay in and watch a movie might be the best route. Get out the popcorn and hot […]

Hosting Holiday Guests

Hosting Holiday Guests It’s your turn to host the family New Year’s Eve Party and you have to get your Jersey City/Hoboken area condo ready, not only for a party, but for a couple of guests from out of town. The problem is, with Christmas just over, the place isn’t nearly ready for either. Help! […]

What to Do for the Holidays

What to Do for the Holidays Everywhere you go in the Hoboken/Jersey City area “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”! Decorations are up all over town, and carols play in every shop, restaurant, and business establishment. You may be trying to plan your activities for the holiday season. Here are a few events […]

Events for Autumn

Events for Autumn Autumn has come to the Hoboken/Jersey City area! There’s a nip in the air, the leaves are turning and falling and people are putting up their Halloween displays. Here are a few events you may want to attend in the area this Fall. There is still time to take advantage of the […]

Wasn’t the Summer Short?

“Wasn’t the Summer Short?” That’s a question asked by an old song. It did fly by, didn’t it? Here in the Jersey City/Hoboken area, it’s time to put away the swimsuits, dig out sweaters and backpacks, and go back to school for a lot of kids. Some people are off to college, and some are […]

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! With the troubles in the Middle East and other parts of the world, Americans should more and more appreciate their liberty, hard won in the American Revolution, and preserved and defended throughout our history. In the Jersey City/Hoboken area, we know how to celebrate our freedom. Naturally, families will be gathering throughout […]