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City of Water Day

City of Water Day The big day is coming up fast! If you live in the Hoboken area, you are probably already involved in some sort of preparations. City of Water Day, on July 16, promises to be the event of the season. This free family fun day is a cooperative event. The two main […]

Rebuilding the Bayonne Bridge

Rebuilding the Bayonne Bridge This is a fascinating time to live in New Jersey, be it in Hoboken, or Jersey City, or any of the other towns. If you have occasion to travel on the Bayonne Bridge, you no doubt have seen that they are working on it. The work is an ambitious undertaking to […]

The Kid From Hoboken

The Kid From Hoboken With all the bad weather we are enjoying here in the Hoboken/Jersey City area, people need things to do that won’t take them out into the elements. It looks like the ever-popular plan to stay in and watch a movie might be the best route. Get out the popcorn and hot […]

What to Do for the Holidays

What to Do for the Holidays Everywhere you go in the Hoboken/Jersey City area “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”! Decorations are up all over town, and carols play in every shop, restaurant, and business establishment. You may be trying to plan your activities for the holiday season. Here are a few events […]

A Fencing Phenomenon

A Fencing Phenomenon It may not be too long before New Jersey adds another name to its long list of native Olympic competitors. 10-year old Lola Possick from Weehawken area is cutting quite a swath in fencing competitions. You would think that Lola had been fencing since she was practically a baby, as good as […]

A Jersey City Cultural Collaboration

A Jersey City Cultural Collaboration It’s that time again! People in Jersey City and the surrounding areas look forward to JC Fridays four times a year, marking the beginning of each season. The next one is on June 5. It promises to be a real experience in the arts.   JC Fridays is an exciting […]