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Progress on Berry Lane Park

The eleven properties that make up the Berry Lane Park Project in Jersey City, set to open in late 2015,  are being transformed from a graffiti covered eyesore into something magnificent. Where once were decaying buildings, you will see a baseball field, a soccer field, tennis courts, rain gardens and such.   This project has […]

To Stuff or Not to Stuff

  An age old question at this time of year is whether to put the stuffing inside or outside of the bird. There’s probably just as much controversy about the subject in the Jersey City/Hoboken area as there is throughout the rest of the country. We’ll explore the pros and cons and let the people […]

Washington Street Update

The American Planning Association recently designated Washington Street in Hoboken as a “Great Street”. That’s pretty good. However, since Washington Street is the main street in the central business district for Hoboken, the city can’t just rest on its designated laurels. They have been working on options to make a new and (we hope) improved […]

Is a Wall Enough?

The town of Jersey City is getting ready to join Hoboken and New York in a project that they hope will prevent another catastrophe like Hurricane Sandy. They plan to construct a two-mile-long seawall that would be eight feet higher than the present ten-foot wall. That is four feet higher than the 14-foot storm surge […]

What Scares You the Most?

The night is dark. The kids have had their tricks and treats. They’ve watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, and are now asleep. It’s time for some grown up scary stuff. What movies do you like to watch here in the Jersey area? Do you like blood and gore, or do you prefer suspense? […]

Parking in Hoboken

One of the advantages of living in Hoboken is that it doesn’t cover much geographical territory, so many places are withing walking distance for residents. Of course, many residents work outside of Hoboken, or rely on a personal vehicle for their job, so there are still a lot of cars to park in the city. […]

It’s a Condo Boom!

When people first began building condominiums, they were more or less considered a retirement option. “Empty nesters” flocked to them. That isn’t so true anymore. At least it isn’t in the Jersey City area. Here, and in other places like Hoboken, young professionals are filling up the condo market faster than they can build them. […]

My Bike or Yours?

Who would have thought that in this digital age, bicycles would make such a comeback? The three cities of Hoboken, Weehawken and Jersey City have decided to initiate a bike share program.   Nobody questions the wisdom of this decision. It only makes sense. More people want to take this “green” transportation than ever before. […]